Meeting Calendar

Our meetings are held the second Monday of each month. Meetings are at 7 p.m., but attendees are invited to arrive 10-15 minutes early for a sweet treat and to meet members. We begin our program at 7:00, followed by a short break and the business meeting

Meetings will be held September through May, at Assumption Church Hall, 27 Adams Street South, Manchester, CT. Park in the lot behind the church and enter through the back parking lot door. Please check individual listings as locations and format may change.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023
Bring a Plant, Get a Plant
Welcome back to the garden club with an old-fashioned plant swap! Plan on bringing a nice specimen from your own garden, or one that is purchased. Perennials are preferred, houseplants are welcome. This meeting marks the beginning of the new program year. In addition to a plant, please bring a non-perishable food item for the local food pantry. Plenty of time to get re-acquainted with our fellow membership, and guests are welcome to attend.

OCTOBER 16, 2023
Michele MacKinnon
Bulbs: The Bold and the Beautiful

With a little planning and a minimum of care, bulbs provide a kaleidoscope of color and interest, indoor and out, all year. Master Gardener Michele MacKinnon (Garden Advisor) from the northeast corner of Connecticut, will share her knowledge about using bulbs in our gardens. Her careful observation of plant and wildlife behaviors in her own garden have inspired many statewide residents to dig in, get dirty and enjoy their gardens. This presentation will be the perfect time of year to start our own bulb planning and planting!


NOVEMBER 13 , 2023
Samuel King
Composting and the Environment

Samuel King is an experienced sustainability entrepreneur and advocate in the fields of waste, energy, and climate change. He is a co-owner of Blue Earth Compost in Hartford, CT, where he works in various roles relating to the growth and management of the business. He will be speaking on composting, soil and the effects of food waste on the environment.

As an advocate, Mr. King has been involved as a community organizer in fighting fossil fuel projects locally and nationally. Mr. King's work now centers around finding solutions for a transition to a sustainable waste infrastructure in CT. Sam is a 2014 graduate of UMass Amherst with a BA. Sc. in Sustainable Community Development.


DECEMBER 11, 2023
Holiday Workshop
Members will make holiday arrangements for the residents of Ada Lane. Check email to members for details.


JANUARY 8, 2024
Dr. Richard Benfield
Around the World in 80 Gardens

Known for his humor we travel with Dr. Richard Benfield through an interactive approach exploring 80 of the most magnificent gardens in the world that covers seven continents. Beginning with the lush gardens of the pacific, through the arid gardens of Australia and tropical gardens of Seychelles and Canary Islands and culminating in the beautiful English country gardens, of his home country, and finishing with the unique gardens of the United State and Canada.

Dr. Richard Benfield, is a Professor Emeritus from Central Connecticut University. In 2013, his best-selling book Garden Tourism was published by CABI Press, Abington, England and in 2020 a second edition, New Directions in Garden Tourism was published by CABI. He is currently, working on the nexus of Plant Predators and National Parks around the world.


FEBRUARY 12, 2024
Dr. Richard Benfield
Penguins, Polar Bears, Petunias and Parks; a year in the life of a biogeographer

As we move into the twenty first century the role of humans in the environmental stem is becoming more and more important. The role of a biogeographer understanding ecological systems involving flora and fauna in all the worlds biomes becomes paramount. This talk will look at one year in the life of a practising biogeographer in Botanic and other gardens in places like the Arctic, Antarctic, Australia and Yellowstone. 


MARCH 11, 2024
George Trecina
Unraveling the Mysteries of Pruning: Learn to Manage Trees and Shrubs

George Trecina states pruning your trees and shrubs is not an intuitive process. George will address certain basic rules that one needs to follow to maintain happy, healthy plants. Some basic points to consider are timing, size management, and rejuvenation practices. By adhering to these points on a regular basis, you will contribute to the beauty of your landscape. George earned degrees in horticulture and landscape architecture from the University of Connecticut, and Cornell University. In 1992 he formed his current business, Land Design & Horticultural Sales LLC.


APRIL 8, 2024
Dr. Richard Cowles
Climate Change & Impact on Rose Culture

Dr. Richard Cowles presents how climate change impacts many aspects of growing crops and ornamental plants. He will explain scientific principles of climate change and apply them to understanding how they affect the plants we can successfully grow, with respect to USDA hardiness zones, diseases and insects. Dr. Cowles has been a scientist at the Valley Laboratory of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station for the past 29 years. Although trained at Cornell and Michigan State Universities in entomology, his studies have broadened to include plant pathology and plant nutrition.


MAY 13, 2024
Pamela Copper
Good Bugs, Bad Bugs or Benign Bug?

Pamm Cooper presents an interactive look at some insects you may encounter in Connecticut that may be good, bad, or essentially do little or no harm. Whether found in gardens, landscapes, lawns or in the wild, most insects are not considered pests, some are considered beneficial, but perhaps not all the time. 

Pamm Cooper works at the University of Connecticut Home and Garden Education Center office as a public service gardening specialist and horticultural consultant answering questions on gardening, lawns, native and non-native plants and insects and wildlife issues. She also teaches entomology and turf for the University of Connecticut Master Gardener Program.


JUNE 10, 2024
June Party
Party plans will be available in the spring.



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