Manchester Garden Club News

Members of the Manchester Garden Club are working with the town and other civic organizations to connect Manchester to the Pollinator Pathway. This is a national movement that is dedicated to helping to restore bees and other beneficial insect populations.

The Manchester Garden Club would like to inform our members and neighbors of the need to act in our own yards to protect the future of this planet. We can stop using pesticides and chemicals in our yards.  We can add native plants to our gardens and include them in our garden design. Native plants are suited to the environment, they give your garden diversity, and they are generally low maintenance if planted with the correct light and moisture requirements. Native plants don't make your garden look messy.

The Manchester Garden Club plans to include native plants in the four civic gardens we maintain in town. The club has planted and maintains a Pollinator garden in Center Park at the Bigelow Street entrance.

The Club will be selling pollinator-friendly native plants at this year's plant sale at the Community Baptist Church, 585 East Center Street. The sale starts at 8:30 am May 15, rain or shine. Information about how your garden can become part of the Pollinator Pathway will be available.
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The Manchester Garden Club has awarded two scholarship recipients this year. Donna Kaffenberger, and Melissa Parade have each received $450 to continue their education by taking part in the UCONN Master Gardener Program. Congratulations to our 2021 scholarship winners.

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